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Tools for teachers

Rosemary’s Teachers’ Resource Guides are rich resources for the classroom, enabling teachers to make the most of the experiences their classes are to be exposed to.

For teachers
Packed with ideas, activities, teaching points, references to other resources both online and in books, these Resource Guides will make a teacher’s life easier and your class teaching on specific topics outside your normal knowledge range more effective.

For organisations

Have Rosemary write a Resource Guide for your educational topic or Education Outside the Classroom offering – whether you’re a Company, a Council, or custodian of something that children should learn about. For example, Rosemary has written Resource Guides for Council facilities, Corporate in-school community programmes, and theatre productions. Click on the images below to view sample pages. ​


As a teacher who uses many different resources I really enjoyed using the ones developed for the Tim Bray Productions. I found them easy to read, they were using many of the curriculum areas, allowed for deeper thinking and good questioning from the students/teachers. Fantastic resource.

Natasha, Teacher

We find the Teachers Resource Guides for the shows extremely informative and useful in our literacy programmes.”

Gael, Principal

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