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Has your child lost the love of reading? 

Rosemary is especially gifted in motivating the young reader, and her intense knowledge of children’s books helps find the ones that open the magic door for them. Her passion for Children’s Literature is overflowing, and she thrives on inspiring children’s love of great books. This is where it all started and why she calls her business ‘Getting Kids into Books’!

Rosemary possesses an uncanny ability to relate to young people and quickly get onto their wavelength and build their trust.

By understanding what makes them tick, Rosemary uses her extensive knowledge of children’s literature and her enigmatic judgement to zero in on the genres and authors most likely to trigger that missing spark. Within a couple of sessions of deepening the relationship and eliciting feedback, the fine tuning can provide a list of titles to light the fire and then embed a lifelong habit of pleasure and learning.

This powerful programme consists of one-on-one consultations that are completely personalised and focused solely on your child and finding just the right books to fire them up.


Rosemary helped my daughter get back into the love of reading as my daughter was struggling to find a book she could get her teeth into. I found Rosemary to be very professional and thoughtful in her work and we always look forward to seeing her, knowing we will come away with another set of books.


I usually find it very hard to find books that I want to read, but I love reading. I find Rosemary really helpful because after I’ve been to her I have a big stack of books that I can’t wait to read. I have gone up a reading group at school.


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