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Book Weeks bring literature alive

Rosemary’s vivid passion for Children’s Literature is contagious, and she thrives on inspiring children’s love of great books. So much so, that she calls her business ‘Getting Kids into Books’! A Book Week can be just the vehicle to awaken this wonderful life-long addiction in your children.

A great Book Week, well structured, should:

• be highly effective educationally
• enhance your literacy curriculum
• engage the children with full immersion
• motivate, inspire and excite, and most of all
• be fun

Rosemary combines many of her skills and experiences to create educationally valuable Book Weeks:

• her wealth of knowledge of children’s books
• her access to a wide range of New Zealand authors and illustrators
• her experience as both a school librarian and a reference librarian for National Library’s Services to Schools
• her rich experience of organising, operating and consulting on many Book Weeks, and
• her teaching career


“Thank you for the introduction to such wonderful, creative and talented authors and illustrators who inspired and entertained our students.”

Shelley, Librarian

Rosemary was great to work with! She was very helpful and she organised some fantastic authors to come and speak to our school during our Book Week.”

Amy, Librarian

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