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Author Workshops

Inject the fresh inspiration of stimulating authors and illustrators into your literacy and creativity programmes. A top-quality author or illustrator can enthuse and motivate your students to become effective oral, written, and visual communicators and help develop critical thinking capabilities.

An author visit is carefully designed to integrate seamlessly with the New Zealand curriculum, in particular literacy. There are also opportunities to target specific Learning Areas, such as Science and The Arts.

Options to best utilise an author visit range from half or full day visits designed to awaken students' excitement in, and wonder of, reading and writing, through to several days or a full week of depth and intensity and focused on high-achievement outcomes. ​

Consider the benefits to your classroom programme

Exposure to these authors and illustrators, and hearing them convey their passion for their work, promotes the joy of reading and encourages reading for pleasure. Investment in the enjoyment of reading turns average readers into keen ones. And keen readers are better equipped to express themselves, and understand the power of language to enrich and shape their own and others’ lives.

Our authors/illustrators talk about their work and writing/illustrating in general, and engage your students in their personal writing/illustrating journey. These visits inspire, enthuse and motivate students in the world of books, reading and literacy.

Authors/illustrators can be specially selected to meet any particular needs you may have or curriculum areas you are focusing on. For example, conservation, science, arts, cultures, or how to write a good story.

In a typical school day, there are opportunities for two morning sessions and one afternoon session which can be configured for one or more groups or classes.


Writer in Residence Week

This package maximises the benefit of introducing a professional author or illustrator into your school to teach, encourage and inspire your students at a level of expertise beyond what can normally be achieved in the classroom. 

This level of immersion over an extended period gives your students the opportunity for in-depth teaching, observation and mentoring.

Authors or illustrators can work exclusively with a class or group to fully develop students’ literacy skills, writing, creativity and imagination, or work across the school, workshopping with different year levels. All in a supportive and stimulating environment.

The programme is tailor-made to suit your particular curriculum requirements and/or student needs.


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