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Rosemary Tisdall

Children’s Literature and Educational Resource Consultant


Rosemary Tisdall is passionate about getting kids into books.

As a former teacher and librarian, NZ Post Children’s Book Awards judge, reviewer, advisor and Trustee of Storylines Children’s Literature Charitable Trust, Rosemary knows the books, knows the authors and illustrators, and connects closely with children and what makes them tick.

This combination makes for a powerful educational resource for schools and parents.

Rosemary can harness New Zealand’s leading children's authors and illustrators to make a valuable impact in your school.

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Assisting her is Operations Manager, Alana Hawkes. Alana brings experience with managing Storylines Story Tours, working with authors and illustrators to programme their visits to schools. No detail slips Alana's grasp: she has a degree in Performance Management and has worked for many years as Production Manager for Tim Bray Theatre Company, Auckland's leading theatre for children, which focuses on bringing children's books to life on stage. Alana's personable, friendly and helpful manner means she is ideal to work with in planning your school's author visits.


“Thank you for encouraging my daughter to read a wide variety of books.”


"Rosemary was great to work with! She was very helpful and she organised some fantastic authors to come and speak to our school during our Book Week."


"She enjoyed working with you immensely and the interest you helped develop has helped her to further enhance her reading."